Why Download The Report?

Global Insights

Comprehensive and deep analysis of global online ads market from an anti-fraud solution provider.

Reliable Source

FraudScore is a well-known anti-fraud solution provider and issues the report based on data from all processed global ads traffic.

Valuable data

FraudScore's report is all-on-one: global geos and the most fraud-prone regions, mobile and web traffic data, compariossons between 2019 and 2020, trends and outcomes. 


The most ad fraud-prone global geos; monthly statiscits and insights; 2019 vs 2020 - division of ad fraud between global geos. 

Mobile traffic

The most fraudulent app categories on Android and iOS; devision between ad fraud types in mobile traffic; global pandemic and its affect on mobile ad fraud. 

Web traffic

Global statistics for web (desktop) traffic and detected ad fraud; the most fraudulent geos and the most detected ad fraud types.